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I used to be prone to high levels of anxiety and using medication to “feel better”… 


I was always intrigued by meditation, breathing, yoga, movement, but as many of the things I started, they almost ended as quickly as they had crossed my mind originally… and mostly leaving regrets.

I was also often sick and visiting my doctor whenever I had a sore throat.


I discovered the Wim Hof Method in 2017 and it changed my life in many ways.


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Breathing Instinct is a proud member of the International Breathwork Foundation


Here are some of the benefits that a few minutes of breathwork a day has on practitioners.

Better Performance & Recovery

Better sleep

Improved blood flow

Stress & anxiety reduction

Improved immune system

Increased focus

Participants feedback

"I've been wanting to learn about the Wim Hof Method for years, but I never found the courage to jump into an ice bath on my own. However, Renaud's knowledge, his ability to connect with us and his gentle but powerful presence made the experience extremely comfortable."

Henk van der Klok, Adventurer


“Your life starts with your first breath and it ends with your last breath so it must be important”

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