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Breathing Meditation

Breathing Instinct

Not sure which program suits you best? You have questions about the way you breathe in general?  You may suffer from asthma? Sleep apnea? Headaches? You would like to improve your focus? Strengthen your mindset? Improve your performance? Anything else not mentioned previously?


Let’s organise a 20-minute free call to discuss your needs and we will build a program based on you and help you live your lives to your full potential. 


We will work with the best techniques adapted to you and you can practise anywhere, anytime. We will use techniques based on the Wim Hof Method, the Oxygen Advantage and other techniques I have studied, such as yogic breathing and conscious breathing and techniques (that) I have used and still use to this day. 


Private Breathwork sessions: 

. Free session - 20 minutes.

. 1 hour session (In-Person) - €40

. 45 minutes session (Online) - €35

. 5 weeks (Online) - €120

. 10 weeks (Online) - €200

Meditating Outdoors
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