About Me

Hey there,


thanks for coming here! 


My journey into the world of breathwork really started back in 2017. 


I used to be prone to high levels of anxiety and using medication to “feel better”… 


I was always intrigued by meditation, breathing, yoga, movement, but as many of the things I started, they almost ended as quickly as they had crossed my mind originally… and mostly leaving regrets.

I had been consistent in sports for a few years but always needed a reason, a target to reach.


In the meantime, I was often getting sick and visiting my doctor on a regular basis and under more tablets to “feel better” again…


That’s when I decided to search on YouTube (I knew that if I had Googled my symptoms, the diagnosis would have been… “you’re going to die”), and that’s when I bumped into a video on Wim Hof. By trying his method, I realised that I could also do what he was promoting and felt like I’d never felt before in a basic environment… alive. 


My personality started changing, I performed better in sports… and recovered better. I met my wife soon after and I don’t think it could have worked out as well with my previous mindset.


I am now an instructor in the Wim Hof Method and developed my knowledge in breathwork and the way the body and mind work together.

I have been using it a lot for sports, mostly running, improve performance as well as recovery. The effects have been impressive.


If I can help or inspire other people, if you want to take the next step to get towards a healthier, more focused, improve performance, being a happier you, please join me in this exciting journey…


Bullet point

Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor - Level 1

Certified in Poland in 2019. 

Bullet point

Meditation Diploma 

Certified in 2020.


Instructor on Breathing for Life for the Irish Inquiry


My Philosophy

Taking each day as it comes, making the most out of it and trying to become a better person every single day. 

If the weather is warm outside, enjoy. If it's cold outside, enjoy. No need worry too much.